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Two Pedestrians Killed On Sidewalk Alongside Queens Boulevard

Two construction workers were hit on the sidewalk of Queens Boulevard Monday when a 22-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle and jumped the curb. Mu Wang Lin, 41, and Man Chit Cheng, 59, died in the pedestrian accident.

The crash helps perpetuate the deadly nature of Queens Boulevard that persists despite recent traffic-safety improvements.

“The cars are always speeding here, especially with that curve. When you’re coming onto Queens Boulevard, people always take it and they speed,” said a neighbor who heard the crash.

The speed limit at the site of the accident is 30 mph, but crash evidence suggests the driver was going much faster. When he lost control his car hit a phone booth, utility pole and several parked cars before hitting the two victims.

The driver had two outstanding warrants and was taken into custody, but he likely won’t face criminal charges for the death of the two men unless he was drunk or high on drugs. Victims of New York City pedestrian collisions are left to their own resources, personal injury and wrongful death claims, to hold wrongdoers responsible.

Source: NBC New York, “Driver Jumps Curb, Kills Two Pedestrians In Queens: Cops,” Nov. 12, 2013


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