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SUV-Livery Cab Accident Kills 2, Injures 4 In Bronx

A horrifying collision killed two men in a livery cab Saturday in the Bronx. The driver, 51, and his passenger, 54, were travelling on the Hutchinson River Parkway when an SUV travelling in the opposite direction lost control and hit the median before launching into the cab.

The airborne SUV tore the roof off the taxi cab, instantly killing the occupants in grotesque fashion. The SUV then collided with a third vehicle.

The at-fault SUV driver and his occupant were seriously injured. A mother and son in the third vehicle were treated for injuries at the hospital and released.

The impact of this fatal crash is profound, as the cab driver was the father of four children and his passenger had three sons. Spouses and children now are left to wonder what could cause such a horrific crash, robbing them of their loved one.

Police attempted to obtain blood samples from the at-fault driver which could reveal the presence of drugs or alcohol. Even if the negligent driver was sober, he can still be held liable by the victims’ families through wrongful death lawsuits.

Source: NY Daily News, “Wells Fargo Banker, Livery Cab Driver Killed In Bronx Crash That Left One Of Them Decapitated,” Clare Trapasso, Nov. 9, 2013


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