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Department Store Escalator Mangles Foot Of Young Girl

The holiday season already brings enough stress, but there is another thing that people should be cautious of when shopping: the escalator.

In August, Juliana Valdez, 10, was shopping with her mother at Macy’s Department Store when her sneaker got caught in the bottom of the escalator. Although a shopper hit the emergency button to stop the escalator, Juliana’s right foot and leg remained trapped in a vice-like grip. Eventually rescuers were able to dismantle part of the escalator and free the girl, but her injuries were horrific.

Two of Juliana’s toes were amputated in the escalator accident and the trauma to her foot and leg has necessitated 15 operations, with more likely coming in the future. Her parents have filed a personal injury lawsuit on her behalf, seeking $10 million in damages.

The lawsuit, filed in New Jersey state court, alleges that the gap between the escalator steps was twice as wide as it should have been.

If a reputable department store like Macy’s can have such harmful defects present in its store, it makes you wonder just how many dangers you or your children might face this holiday season. Exercise caution and never assume that an escalator or elevator is hazard-free.

If you suffer serious injuries in or outside of a store, an experienced New York City premises liability lawyer can you explore your legal rights to money damages.

Source: CBS New York, “Family Of Girl Hurt In Escalator Accident Files Lawsuit Against Macy’s,” Oct. 8, 2013


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