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Brooklyn Boy Wins $26M Malpractice Award For Jaundice Negligence

The parents of a disabled Brooklyn boy recently won a long legal battle against doctors who discharged him despite worsening jaundice. The $26 million jury award will help

Although his mother urged physicians to keep her son, now 6, in the hospital because his eyes and skin were becoming increasingly yellow, he was discharged from New York Methodist Hospital. The boy’s jaundice worsened, until severe diarrhea prompted his parents to take him to Kings County Hospital.

Doctors did their best to treat the child, but the jaundice had progressed into hyperbilirubinemia, a deadly condition that can cause severe brain damage and wrongful death. The infant suffered serious brain injury and now requires around-the-clock care just to survive. He will never walk and cannot talk.

At first glance, the $26 million damage award may seem extravagant, but it’s questionable whether the sum will even fund the cost of his many care needs throughout his lifetime.

High bilirubin and other serious conditions can have a lifelong impact on a baby. Doctors are trained to look out for symptoms and act appropriately. When hospital staff acts negligently, the victim and family should examine their legal rights with a skilled birth injury attorney.

Source: NY Daily News, “Disabled Brooklyn Boy Awarded $26 Million In Untreated Jaundice Case Against New York Methodist Hospital,” Doyle Murphy, Nov. 19, 2013


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