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Thousands Of Nursing Homes Fail Federal Fire-Safety Laws

According to federal regulations, all nursing homes must have automatic sprinkler systems installed throughout their buildings. There is an obvious need for the law, as nursing home residents are typically more vulnerable to smoke and flames than other Americans. In general, seniors are more likely to be slow-moving or suffer from mental confusion in an emergency, so fire sprinklers are a necessity – not a luxury.

Yet there are more than 1,100 nursing homes, nationwide, that do not have full sprinkler systems meeting federal regulations. Why are these facilities still open?

In the nursing home industry, substandard care and regulatory shortcomings are common. Even in New York, nursing homes often have undertrained or negligent staff that neglect or even abuse residents. Even when residents’ families detect and report abhorrent conduct in nursing homes, it takes a long time before regulators take action – if they ever do.

A nursing home neglect lawsuit can quickly force improvement, while allowing the victim or family to recover money damages

If your loved one has been abused or mistreated at a nursing home or full-care facility, speak with an experienced New York nursing home abuse lawyer to examine your legal rights and options.

Source: New York Times, “Many Nursing Homes Operate Without Adequate Sprinkler Systems,” Paula Span, Sept. 30, 2013

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