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MTA Bus Kills Woman While Crossing Street In Brooklyn

An 82-year-old woman is dead after she was hit by a MTA bus in Brooklyn. The bus accident occurred as the vehicle turned left onto Pennsylvania Avenue and collided with the elderly victim.

Witnesses said the bus driver was inconsolable after she stopped the bus, got out, and realized what had happened.

“I heard a boom first and then I immediately went to the window,” said a witness. “When I got to the window, I saw the bus driver had pulled off, stopped the bus… She got out of the bus and about two seconds after she looked she just went nuts on the sidewalk.” 

This fatal bus accident illustrates the devastating consequences of inattentive driving in New York City. Averting one’s eyes or attention from the road for just a few seconds can have a lifelong impact on many lives.

When a pedestrian accident impacts your family, an experienced NYC auto accident attorney can help you assess your legal options.

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