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Fleeing Camaro Collides With MTA Bus In Brooklyn; 43 Injured

A reckless driver’s shocking reign of terror ended when he collided with a MTA bus in Brooklyn.

The driver of a black Chevy Camaro was speeding through Bedford-Stuyvesant on Monday afternoon when it hit a police car. When an officer approached the vehicle it fled the scene, but not until the policeman noticed the driver had a firearm. The Camaro then took off and hit several parked cars before running a stop sign and t-boning the MTA bus.

At least 43 people were injured in the NYC bus accident, causing multiple hospitalizations. The two men occupying the Camaro were arrested.

Without knowing more, it seems like the men were driving a stolen vehicle and trying to avoid arrest. If that’s the case, these men made an incredibly poor decision, and then continued to pile on more bad decisions. It’s a shame that they harmed so many innocent bus passengers.

When motorists drive negligently or recklessly – stolen vehicle or not – they may be held civilly liable for the injuries and deaths they cause.

Source: My Fox NY, “Dozens Hurt In Bus-Car Crash In Brooklyn,” Sep. 9, 2013


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