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Boy Dies In Staten Island Hit-And-Run; Driver Arraigned

On Friday, a family was crossing a street in Staten Island when a Mercedes-Benz ran it down before speeding away. The horrific hit-and-run killed a boy, 5, and caused the hospitalization of his mother and 7-year-old sister.

Eyewitnesses said that the family was in the crosswalk on Richmond Road when the black Mercedes turned left out of Diddle Dee Dairy and Deli parking lot and hit all three victims before fleeing the scene. Purportedly, the driver stopped and looked both ways before entering the road and hitting the family.

Doctors were briefly able to resuscitate the boy, but his internal bleeding was too severe and he perished at the hospital. The girl suffered a broken ankle and the mother sustained a facial laceration; a seemingly insignificant injury to her as she struggles to deal with the loss of her son.

The Mercedes-Benz driver, 33-year-old John Sanjurjo of Staten Island, turned himself in the following day. He has been charged with three counts of leaving the scene of an accident but may face additional punishment after an investigation, although unlikely.

Typically, City police only charge drivers when they hit pedestrians while driving drunk or high on drugs. Most victims of NYC pedestrian accidents must resort to lawsuits to get justice and fair compensation. In minor accidents, insurance policies may sufficiently cover medical expenses, but in injuries involving severe injury or death it’s always wise to consult an experienced New York auto accident attorney before accepting any insurance payouts.

Source: New York Times, “Boy, 5, Is Struck And Killed In Staten Island Hit-And-Run,” Randy Leonard, Aug. 10, 2013


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