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Roller Coaster Fatality Horrifies Nation

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2013 | Premises Liability

A woman was riding a roller coaster with her son when the unthinkable happened: Her restraint failed. Moments earlier, witnesses said they heard the victim, Rosy Esparza, tell an amusement park employee that she didn’t hear her T-bar restraint click twice, as it was supposed to.

The worker said it was “OK, if you heard it click.” Rosy said it had clicked once, so the ride proceeded.

At a steep drop, Rosy’s restraint malfunctioned and she fell to her wrongful death in full visibility of her child and other horrified roller coaster riders.

Six Flags Over Texas is bringing third party investigators to uncover the cause of the roller coaster death. What’s incredibly disturbing is that some people in the amusement industry have commented that Rosy’s size, she was overweight, may have factored into her death.

If Rosy’s size did contribute to her death, then it evidences even more fault on the part of the amusement park. The ride, the Texas Giant, did not have a weight restriction. If heavy or unusually large riders were at greater risk of injury or death, then Six Flags Over Texas should have had restrictions in place or – better yet – engineered their ride to be safe for people of varying sizes.

This type of amusement park accident is rare, but many people are injured at New York City area amusement parks every summer. These accidents generally involve slip-and-falls or trip-and-falls, rather than injuries occurring on a ride.

If you are seriously injured at an amusement park, an experienced New York City premises liability attorney can help evaluate your claim and your legal options.

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