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Midtown Red Light Accident Involves Two Taxis, One Pedestrian

Earlier this week in Midtown, a taxi accident sent two men to the hospital. The bizarre accident involved not one, but two taxis.

According to police, a taxi ran a red light at the intersection of 52nd Street and 7th Avenue. The red-light running taxi struck another taxi cab that was lawfully travelling south on 7th Ave; it then careened into a pedestrian and traffic light pole.

The male pedestrian was taken to the hospital. He had been standing on the sidewalk with his wife and two children when the taxi hit him. Amazingly, he was the only pedestrian injured. One of the taxi drivers was injured in the crash and was also hospitalized. 

Police are investigating the cause of the Manhattan taxi accident. Was it triggered by a medical condition or was it an injurious act of distracted driving? There are several possibilities, but the taxi company and cabbie can be held liable to the victims for resulting harm.

If a taxi crash has injured your or someone close to you, an experienced NYC taxi cab accident attorney can evaluate your right to collect money damages.

Source: ABC Local News NY, “Pedestrian Struck By A Cab In Midtown Accident,” July 15, 2013


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