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Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Kills Passenger; Taxi Cab Flees Scene

A 37-year-old woman is dead after a motorcycle accident on a Brooklyn highway. The victim was a passenger on a BMW motorcycle driven by a 42-year-old man when he lost control of the bike and struck the center median of the Belt Parkway. His passenger was ejected over the median where she collided with an oncoming taxi cab.

The taxi cab fled the scene and the New York Police Department is still searching for the cabbie and vehicle involved. The man operating the motorcycle was sober and cooperated with police; he will not face criminal charges. He suffered bruises and lacerations but will make a physical recovery.

The victim’s family has the right to bring a wrongful death claim against the motorcycle rider, if they wish. Although the taxi driver doesn’t appear to be at fault in the crash, he or she chose to flee the scene, escalating the accident into a hit-and-run. The family may be able to collect damages from the hit-and-run driver and taxi company. The cabbie deserted the woman in her time of greatest need.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of others, you may have a right to collect money damages. An experienced NYC motorcycle accident attorney can help you ascertain your legal rights.

Source: NY Daily News, “Off-Duty Traffic Agent Killed In Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident, Cops Seek Hit-And-Run Taxi Driver,” Barry Paddock, June 20, 2013


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