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Bronx VA Clinic Patient Crushed By Falling Medical Equipment

A 66-year-old man was killed in a tragic accident at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in the Bronx. The patient was crushed by a gamma camera during a routine diagnostic procedure. The Infinia Hawkeye 4 gamma camera involved in the fatal accident weighs more than 5,000 pounds. General Electric (GE) Healthcare manufactured the camera and is responsible for its maintenance.

Gamma camera accidents are rare, but William Spies, a professor of radiology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, recalls a similar accident occurring several decades ago.

It’s obvious that the patient’s wrongful death occurred from the negligence of others, but this accident will certainly raise issues of liability. Is GE Healthcare the only liable party or does the Bronx VA clinic share some of the blame? GE likely uses some parts made by other manufacturers in its gamma cameras; perhaps a manufacturing defect by another party caused the equipment collapse?

If you or a loved one has been seriously harmed by a mistake at a clinic or hospital, an experienced New York medical malpractice attorney can help you sort out the confusing legal issues. A skilled lawyer can also help you understand how much your case may be worth and the timeline involved with recovering damages.

Source: Wall Street Journal, “Equipment Collapses, Killing Patient,” Tamer El-Ghobashy, June 7, 2013


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