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Unlicensed Driver Hits, Kills Elderly Man In The Bronx

Extensive damage to the hood and windshield of a car tells a great deal about how an 82-year-old Bronx man died last evening. It’s clear from accident photos that Manuel Verdesoto, 82, was hit by a car moving at a high rate of speed while he crossed White Plains Road at Watson Avenue. Another factor in the pedestrian crash is that the involved driver was not licensed.

Not only was the motorist driving without a license, but police found a forged New York State photo ID on him. New York police have charged Nabaali Cletus with driving without a license and possession of a forged instrument, but he has not been charged for the death of the Bronx man he hit.

According to Streetsblog, the victim was the 13th senior to die in a New York City traffic accident in 2013.

We’ve previously discussed how the Bronx has a serious pedestrian collision problem that NYC officials have long ignored. Our page on NYC intersection injury and fatality statistics shows that the Bronx was recently home to four of the six most-dangerous intersections in New York. Bronx residents have seen improvements in reason years, but this latest southeast Bronx fatality shows that a lot of work still needs to be done.

Source:, “Manuel Verdesoto At Least Thirteenth Senior Killed In NYC Traffic In 2013,” Brad Aaron, May 17, 2013


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