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Three Children Injured In NYC Pedestrian Crashes Last Week

Last week was particularly dangerous for child pedestrians and cyclists in New York City. Three separate collisions sent children to hospital emergency rooms.

A Brooklyn pedestrian accident occurred on Thursday at Bath Avenue and 24th Street. A 12-year-old boy was hit by an automobile and suffered head injuries. The young victim is expected to survive, but head trauma is unpredictable and his prognosis is uncertain.

Another Brooklyn boy, 12, was seriously injured on Thursday. The child was riding his bicycle at 12th Avenue and 40th Street in Borough Park when the rear wheel of a school bus ran over his leg. The school bus was in the process of turning when it collided with the boy.

In the Bronx on Saturday, a 7-year-old boy was hit by a vehicle after exiting a van. Reports state he is in stable condition. The pedestrian accident occurred on East Gun Hill Road at Decatur Avenue.

The number of children injured or killed in NYC pedestrian crashes during the past few months is disheartening. Summer break is still weeks away, as is consistent summer weather, but New York children are already being victimized by motorists at a high rate. Local officials need to push hard for improvement in this area or we’ll see these pedestrian accidents spike more dramatically in the near future.

If you or your child is seriously harmed by a negligent driver, contact an experienced New York City pedestrian accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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