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Subway Accident Investigation Ongoing After Transit Worker Death

A New York City Transit Authority worker recently lost his life at the 46th Street station in Astoria. The 58-year-old victim from Hollis, Queens, had been working on the subway for eight years. The circumstances surrounding the subway accident raise a lot of questions.

The victim, Louis Moore, died after stumbling backwards onto the tracks at the Astoria station, but there are conflicting reports on what caused his missteps.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly stated that Moore may have died when his rolling valise was snagged by a passing train, therefore pulling him onto the tracks. The victim had a bad shoulder and used the valise to help him transport equipment.

However, investigators discovered loose railing near the site of Moore’s death. It’s possible the loose railing caused him to lose his footing in the moments before his death.

Moore is survived by a 17-year-old daughter, who deserves to know the truth about what caused her father’s death.

Any lawsuits involving the NYCTA or MTA require a notice of claim to be filed within 90 days of the accident.

Source: NY Daily News, “Veteran Transit Worker Killed By Subway In Queens After He Tripped And Fell Into Path Of Oncoming Train,” Pete Donohue, April 25, 2013


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