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Man Dies in Elevator Accident

On Behalf of | May 8, 2013 | Elevator Accident

A 25 year old man died in an elevator accident recently.  He died when trying to get out of a stuck elevator at Brooklyn’s Navy Yard. The man got stuck when the power went out and his elevator was between floors. He tried to climb out, but fell 5 stories down the shaft.

The estimates vary, but there are about 60,000 elevators throughout New York City. Elevators that get stuck; elevators that don’t align flush with the hallway floor when the doors open; elevators that drop unexpectedly- all can cause injury to the people on them.

A successful elevator accident case combines paper research with hands on work. We often sift through piles of documents to determine what the defendants did or did not do: did the management company properly oversee the installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of their elevators? Did the elevator company properly install, inspect, maintain, and repair the elevators? What do the records say? The case becomes hands on when we bring in an engineer to physically inspect the elevator and give us an opinion on its condition.

An elevator breaks because one of its mechanical systems fails. If that failure is because someone didn’t do what he or she was supposed to do, or because the person did their job poorly, a hurt passenger can hold those people accountable for their injuries.


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