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Car Tires

Ever wonder what the numbers on the side of your car’s tires mean.  Here is some interesting information.  There is a number imprinted after the initials DOT (US Dept of Transportation) the last four digits of the number tell you when the tire was manufactured.  For example, 2113 means the 21st week of 2013.  the word treadware suggests the projected milage that a tire will give you.  there is a three digit number after the word Treadware  to estimate the milage projected muktiply that number by 2 and add two zeros.  For example, 200 x 2 = 400 + 00 = 40,000 miles.

Tires may look new but they may not be fresh.  De-lamination of the tread and blow out can occur on old tires that are improperly stored before sale.  Auto accidents frequently happen when driving at high speeds on old tires.


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