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Auto Accidents as Art

On Behalf of | May 20, 2013 | Auto Accidents

There is an artist in Denmark, Nicolai Howlat, who has recently published a series of works called “Car Crash Studies.”  Mr. Howalt went to a police station and photographed cars damaged and destroyed in auto accidents.  The result is a series of pictures which are haunting and poignant in their depiction of the violence and power of auto accidents.

I am not an art critic, or even an aficiando.  And this certainly is not an art blog. The pictures, however, stuck a chord with me, as a major focus of our practice is auto accidents.  The numbers are eye opening: according to the Institute for Traffic Safety management and Research, there were 307,550 auto accidents in Manhattan alone in the year 2011.  There were a total of 1,153 people killed in those accidents and 177,445 people injured.  

A lot of the power in Howlat’s photos comes from the fact that they take a statistic such as an auto accident, and bring it to life in virbant color and imagery.  The victims, our clients, do not need a Howlat photo to bring their accident to life.  They know full well the violent, destructive forces involved in a car crash.

Howlat’s photos depict the damage done in car crashes.  However, they don’t show renewal.  They don’t show the cars repaired or replaced.  Lawyers, like us, who take an auto accident victim’s case, achieve that next step.  We help our client’s move past the destruction of the accident to a place were they receive just compensation for the injuries done to them.  We help them move to a place where the offending driver is held accountable for the wrong committed against the victim.


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