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Auto Accident Case Settled for Full Policy

This past week, I had the opportunity to settle a case on behalf of one of our clients.  The client was a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle in Brooklyn, while crossing the street.  Our client suffered a broken arm which required surgery and plates and screws to fix.  I settled the case for the full limits of the driver’s insurance policy.

Cars in New York are required to have a minium of $25,000 of insurance, or in the case of a taxi, a minimum of $100,000.  Cars often carry more than the minimum amount of insurance, with common policy limits being $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000.

In our case, we were able to show the insurance carrier for the driver that our client had the right of way as a pedestrian, that their driver failed to yield or see our client in the roadway, and that their driver was 100% at fault for the accident.  We provided sufficient medical records to prove the serious extent of the injury.  In short, we gave the insurance company no choice but to tender its entire policy.

This is the type of result we try and achieve for all of our clients.  Our goal is to get the highest monetary award possible under the circumstances for our clients.  We are truly satisfied when we are able to settle a case for the full value of an inusurance policy, knowing that we achieved maximum value for our client.   Click here for more positive results we’ve achieved for our clients.  


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