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May 2013 Archives

Auto Accident Case Settled for Full Policy

This past week, I had the opportunity to settle a case on behalf of one of our clients.  The client was a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle in Brooklyn, while crossing the street.  Our client suffered a broken arm which required surgery and plates and screws to fix.  I settled the case for the full limits of the driver's insurance policy.

New York City Motorcycle Season Brings Safety Concerns

Because of their affordability, size and excellent gas mileage, the popularity of motorcycles is on the rise in New York City. However, the trend does bring concerns. Beginner motorcyclists are much more likely to crash than experienced riders. Also, many NYC motorists fail to keep an eye out for motorcycles.

Would A 0.05 Percent BAC Reduce Drunk Driving Deaths In NY?

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) sparked a national discussion after recommending that states lower their legal blood-alcohol content (BAC) limit for motorists. In New York, the limit is 0.08 percent; if the NTSB successfully lobbies lawmakers that limit could lower significantly, to 0.05.

Premises Liability Case Against Casino Dismissed

I read in the law journal today about a premises liability case that was recently dismissed. The plaintiff was a woman who tripped over a wheelchair as she was getting up from a slot machine at a casino. The wheelchair was pulled off to the side, with the wheels partly jutting out into the isle where the woman was seated. The wheel chair was not owned by the casino. The Court found that the casino wasn't liable because it didn't place the wheelchair there, or had any notice that it was there.

Weekend Filled With Lots Of Tragedy In Brooklyn, Bronx

It was a particularly devastating weekend for pedestrians in the Bronx and Brooklyn - even by NYC standards. The string of accidents caused five hospitalizations and two wrongful deaths. Most of the victims were children.

Auto Accidents as Art

There is an artist in Denmark, Nicolai Howlat, who has recently published a series of works called "Car Crash Studies."  Mr. Howalt went to a police station and photographed cars damaged and destroyed in auto accidents.  The result is a series of pictures which are haunting and poignant in their depiction of the violence and power of auto accidents.

Unlicensed Driver Hits, Kills Elderly Man In The Bronx

Extensive damage to the hood and windshield of a car tells a great deal about how an 82-year-old Bronx man died last evening. It's clear from accident photos that Manuel Verdesoto, 82, was hit by a car moving at a high rate of speed while he crossed White Plains Road at Watson Avenue. Another factor in the pedestrian crash is that the involved driver was not licensed.

Commercial Trucks And NYC Pedestrians: A Fatal Combination

A fatal truck-pedestrian accident in Brooklyn is the third such incident in the past month or so according to Streetsblog and it's the sixth death involving a tractor trailer and a pedestrian since last summer.

NY Study: Most Pedestrian Victims Hit While In Crosswalk

From 2008 to 2011, researchers examined the cases of 1,400 pedestrians and cyclists who ended up as patients at Bellevue Hospital Center after an accident. The study made some unexpected findings, including:

Auto Accidents and Distracted Driving

Auto Accidents involvng teens texting while driving have killed more than 3,000 teens compared with 2,700 who die as a result of alcohol.  These shocking statistics involving distracted driving are based on a study recently released by Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park.  If you text or use your cellphone and are in an auto accident you stand the chance of being responsible for the death or serious injury of another person.  It may be a person in your car, another car or a pedestrian.  It could also result in criminal prosecution.  It just 'aint worth it.  Stay alert and drive responsibly.

Three Children Injured In NYC Pedestrian Crashes Last Week

Last week was particularly dangerous for child pedestrians and cyclists in New York City. Three separate collisions sent children to hospital emergency rooms.

Man Dies in Elevator Accident

A 25 year old man died in an elevator accident recently.  He died when trying to get out of a stuck elevator at Brooklyn's Navy Yard. The man got stuck when the power went out and his elevator was between floors. He tried to climb out, but fell 5 stories down the shaft.

Injured Driver Receives Over $100,000.00 for Auto Accident

Recently, we obtained a settlement of over $100,000 for person who was injured in a rear end collision auto accident.  As his car was being struck, our client put out his arm to brace his pregnant wife, who was sitting next to him. 

Car Tires

Ever wonder what the numbers on the side of your car's tires mean.  Here is some interesting information.  There is a number imprinted after the initials DOT (US Dept of Transportation) the last four digits of the number tell you when the tire was manufactured.  For example, 2113 means the 21st week of 2013.  the word treadware suggests the projected milage that a tire will give you.  there is a three digit number after the word Treadware  to estimate the milage projected muktiply that number by 2 and add two zeros.  For example, 200 x 2 = 400 + 00 = 40,000 miles.

Subway Accident Investigation Ongoing After Transit Worker Death

A New York City Transit Authority worker recently lost his life at the 46th Street station in Astoria. The 58-year-old victim from Hollis, Queens, had been working on the subway for eight years. The circumstances surrounding the subway accident raise a lot of questions.

Unsafe Construction Sites Cause Construction Accidents

Many Construction Accidents can be prevented if property owners, contractors, subcontrators follow the law and provide protection for the men and women who work at these dangerous jobs.  The NYC Department of Buildings just completed a survey with the following statistics only 55% of the construction sites were in compliance with existing rules and regulations.  33% of the job sites were out of compliance and 12% of the sites were so far out of compliance that the work  site had to be closed down.  Construction workers who are injured on the job are losing income and their health unnecessarily.  People working at a height without protection or on inadequate scaffolding will suffer serious injuries including fractures and head injuries;  improperly secured equipment can cause permanent injuries to workers.

Auto Accident in Queens Results in Death and Catastrophic Injury

An auto accident occurred in the Willets Points area of Queens when a car suddenly veered off the roadway and plowed into a mechanics shop.  Tragically, the car struck and killed a 30 year old mechanic.  The car also struck another mechanic, severing his legs. 

Woman Suffers Head Injuries In Brooklyn Pedestrian Accident

Two people were walking at the Bay Ridge intersection of Fourth Avenue and 82nd Street when a car hit them Tuesday morning. A woman suffered head injuries and is listed in serious condition at Brooklyn's Lutheran Medical Center. The second victim was also hospitalized for physical trauma.

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