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NYC Pedestrian-Crash Epidemic Continues At Furious Pace

It’s hard to keep up with all the pedestrian crashes in New York City that have occurred over the past several days. The unacceptable pedestrian-accident rate has continued, and may even be accelerating.

Here are some pedestrian- and cyclist-collision stories from around the web:

  • Five pedestrians were injured in the Bronx on Sunday. An elderly driver lost control of his car and hit other vehicles before veering onto the sidewalk. The vehicle then hit a building and five pedestrians. Amazingly, nobody died in the series of crashes., “Car Jumps Bronx Sidewalk, Five Pedestrians Hit”
  • A 31-year-old cyclist was hit by an unmarked New York Police Department squad car in November. Incredibly, the victim, who needed stitches, recently received a $1,263 bill for damaging a police car. After the media caught wind of the story, the NYPD retracted the bill. New York Post, “City Bills Cyclist $1,200 For Damage To Police Car That Struck Him
  • A woman was killed in Harlem on Friday after she was struck by a livery cab and dragged underneath the car for at least a block. Prior to the collision, the woman had been arguing with the driver of an Audi she had just exited. When the Audi sped away, she angrily grabbed the bumper but lost her footing and fell into the roadway on 133rd Street. New York Post, “Cop’s Girlfriend Killed After She Was Hit By Livery Cab And Possibly Dragged

If you or a loved one has been harmed in a serious pedestrian accident, contact an experienced New York auto accident attorney to explore your legal options.


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