Child Injuries

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Nothing worries a parent more than when their child has been harmed. To learn that the injury could have been prevented is a horrible reality that too many parents have to face.

The New York child injury lawyers of Tolmage, Peskin, Harris, Falick in New York City have over 45 years' experience representing parents of children who were injured or harmed. We will work on your behalf to identify the liable party and pursue a favorable result. When your child has suffered serious injury in a motor vehicle accident or at school, contact our New York City child accident claims attorneys today for aggressive legal advocacy.

We offer free initial consultations to discuss any type of childhood injury case, including:

Dangerous And Defective Children's Products

If your child is injured or made ill by a defective child's product, you have the right to seek injury compensation from the manufacturer or product distributor. Our product liability attorneys have handled claims involving defective and dangerous cribs, car seats, toys, formula and other children's products. Visit our page on dangerous children's products.

Lead Poisoning Injuries

Lead poisoning is a concern for children exposed to older cribs, other furniture and housing. At Tolmage, Peskin, Harris, Falick, we have experience handling these and other children's toxic tort cases. We are committed to recovering maximum compensation for your child's injury, illness or wrongful death.

School And Day Care Injuries And Fatalities

Attending school or day care should not be dangerous or fatal. However, lack of supervision, failure to conduct background checks and inadequate security at some places can all lead to serious injury or death. We are experienced in handling school and day care injuries involving abuse, neglect, accidents and sexual misconduct, among other things. Let us help you recover the maximum injury compensation your child deserves. To learn more, visit our page on school and day care accidents.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car and pedestrian accidents are among the leading causes of serious injury and death among children in New York City. To learn more, please visit our Motor Vehicle Accidents page.

Defectively Manufactured Products

Children, of course, are the victims when a manufactured product such as a toy, crib or car seat is improperly designed, produced, labeled or sold. To learn more, visit our Web page about dangerous children's products.

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